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Entry #2

Getting things rollings!

2015-05-23 13:43:35 by TappinCast

Confused as to the random numbering next to our episodes? Never fear!

As we're new to the community we want to bring you up to speed with our best episodes to date before raining newer content down on you from the firery heavens above, so we'll lay down our faves upon you so in-jokes don't come so bluntly as they seem without foreknowledge. 

Our direction as of late has focussed on straight-to-DVD animated movies. Now sometimes you come across as gem that'll wet your beak and give you a lil somsin' to look back on, however, not that they weren't well made, we made our own fun of it and came out laughing each time. I guess our message here is: get your friends, find an obscure animated movie from a little known company, make a podcast.

It's been great making these podcasts and hopefully this is THE central community to get our podcasts to! Hope you're liking them so far!

Much love, Jake x


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