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Turn up the grapevine!

2015-05-18 13:23:14 by TappinCast


Hey all! Jake here broadening the horizon for TappinCast and boy-howdy the future is looking bright for us! 

Long time fans of NG's but we live on Soundcloud mostly (mostly) and I never knew there was the option for podcasts up in here! This is great! Never a better time to stretch dem muscles  with the already awesome batch of casters up here. Additionally, NG is kinda where our demographic is in terms of age range and humour, and humour plays a big ol' ass part of our gig!

Today I was watching a MGS colab, as you do being fresh back to the waters, and I howled like I do only on rare occasions. So I knew I was back in here like you read about and I also wanted to have a way to get involved with the community as so far it's Luke, Pape and myself but this place is awesome, but also opens the floodgates for criticism, as they rightly should.

What with Pape now (hopefully) being back for good now means we can finally start expanding our operations. As I rely on taking the easy route, with the biggest pay off, I tend to flake in the areas that are crucial to the detail of podcasting, but that all changes! I'll be uploading our most recent dive into moviedom with something you probably never heard of. So bare with. 

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